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Cultural Action || Exhibition Spaces at the UPV

We want to encourage the use of UPV exhibition spaces, and make them accessible to the university community.

Students can show the work done in different subjects to the university community, especially seeking to promote synergies so that students, PDI and PAS of a center can know the work being done in other centers.

Research groups and centers can show R&D project results.

Exhibition projects whose themes are of interest to the university community can also be presented.

The call will be open throughout the academic year. It will only be necessary to fill out this application form and send it by email to cultura@upv.es and to the Contact that appears in the selected space.

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be approved, or not, after a meeting with the people in charge of the Cultural Action Area and of the exhibition space.

Candidates are responsible for carrying out the exhibition and, at the event's conclusion, for maintaining the space in the same condition it was in previously.

The Vice-Rector's Office of Art, Science, Technology and Society provides guidelines for making posters and publications, as well as support in the resources management.


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